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Welcome to the Spartanburg Photography Guild.

"Our mission is to serve our members by encouraging development of their photographic skills, through education, exhibitions, and friendship with individuals and organizations in our community who share a love of photography."

What that means is that we are a group of people who love  the hobby, profession, and art of photography. With the explosion of today's digital cameras there are more and more people taking photographs.  It has become much easier for someone to not just get started in photography, but to get bitten by the love of the craft and beautiful images.  There are countless resources available to us now via the internet and books to learn photographic skills alone and on our own.  However, doing so removes us from the element of human interaction.  Thus, we decided to organize this group to try and bring local photography enthusisists together.   It is our hope that we can help each other learn, enjoy, and promote photography in the Spartanburg, South Carolina area.

The Guild meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month, 6:30 pm, at the Spartan Photo Center in Spartanburg SC.   The Photo Center is located at 108 Garner Road Spartanburg SC - Tel: 864-583-6835.  Requirement for membership are completion of the Guild application (applications can be picked up at Spartan Photo Center), payment of dues (25.00 annually includes immediate family), and a passion for photography - desire to grow in the craft!

Be sure to follow the Guild on FACEBOOK.   Members can join the private FACEBOOK CRITIQUE SITE and request that their images are critiqued as well as be part of critiquing others.

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